Our Choral Groups


Curricular Name: Honors Vocal Ensemble

14-18 students
This group will consist of 16 students (4 soprano, 4 mezzo, 4 tenor, 4 bass). It will be by audition & invitation only, and these students would only be eligible for this ensemble if their audition scores are high enough to be placed into Chorale. Top 16 student’s scores out of the entire audition process.

Select Women’s Ensemble

Curricular Name: Honors Chorus

20-30 students
This group will consist of approximately 20-30 treble voices. It would be by audition & invitation only, and may consist of both upper & lower classman. If a student has a scheduling conflict with the ability to fit one or both ensembles into their schedule- admittance to another ensemble may be allowed.

Freshman Women’s Chorus

Curricular Name: Chorus

30-40 students
This group will consist of as many or as few 9th grade female singers as possible. There can be an allotment for those upperclassman women who have scheduling conflicts to be entered into this class. This group is not auditioned, and it will be focused on the development of the many young female voices that we get every year.

Purrfect Harmony


4-5 students
This group consists of the top 4-5 female singers. It is a travel ensemble that is by audition only. There are after-school rehearsals once a week.